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Organisations definition of Organisations by The Free Dictionary.
gestruktureerd organizado sestavený ordentlich veltilrettelagt, organizado organiseeritud, korrastatud jäsentynyt méthodique organiziran, sreen jól szervezett, elkészített tersusun rapi skipulagður organizzato gerai parengtas sistemtisks; sakrtots teratur goed gestructureerd ordnet dobrze zorganizowany, uporzdkowany metódico sistematizat zostavený urejen organizovan strukturerad düzenli c t chc tt.
Networked Organisations TNO. Group.
Met deze kennis innoveren we en ondersteunen we bij het implementeren van de innovaties in verschillende domeinen, zoals stedelijke veiligheid, beveiliging van vitale infrastructuur, crisismanagement, inlichtingen en nationale veiligheid. Op deze manier dragen we stapsgewijs bij aan een beter netwerkende samenleving.
MAN-BKV54 Leadership in Organisations Studiegids Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen.
Faculteit der Management. 6525 AJ Nijmegen. Bekijk onze Facebook pagina Volg ons op Twitter Bekijk ons LinkedIn profiel Bekijk ons Youtube kanaal. 2019 Radboud Universiteit. Radboud Universiteit Comeniuslaan 4 6525 HP Nijmegen Telefoon: 024 361 61 61 2014 Radboud Universiteit.
organisation Wiktionary.
organisation f plural organisations. Further reading edit. organisation in le Trésor de la langue française informatisé The Digitized Treasury of the French Language. an organization; a group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules.
Organisation's' goals Wikipedia.
Organisational goals the goals that the organisation tries to achieve, intentions on which the organisation's' decisions and actions are based. Organisation can also have official goals, which are meant for use outside the organisation, when organisation claims to try to achieve them, although they do not correspond to its actions.
Companies and organisations ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission.
Your ASIC key is a unique number used in ASIC Connect that helps us establish your identity and protects your business information by making sure only you and those you have authorised can access it. Learn more about ASIC keys.
Organization Wikipedia.
The difference between a jury and a committee is that the members of the committee are usually assigned to perform or lead further actions after the group comes to a decision, whereas members of a jury come to a decision.
Business Support Organisations Chambers/Associations PUM Netherlands senior experts.
Association or sector association is an organisation founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry. An industry trade association participates in public relations activities such as advertising, education, political donations, lobbying and publishing, but its main focus is collaboration between companies, or standardisation.
Skills Service Organisations Australian Industry Skills Committee.
This includes providing secretariat services and travel and accommodation support, preparing documents such as the skills forecast and proposed schedule of work, and assisting with developing and reviewing training packages. SSOs are also a key access point for other industry stakeholders who want to play a part in the development of training packages.

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